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Aspire Accent


Have you been nervous to speak in some situations?

Your Goals Are Our Goals.

At Aspire Accent Communication Consulting, we believe that accents are to be celebrated.  They showcase who you are, where you are from and your culture.  So, the purpose of our courses is NOT to completely erase your accent; but rather to help you be more easily understood so you can reach your personal and professional goals.


How do you see yourself?

  • Are you a business manager trying to get that promotion to team lead?

  • Do want to start that podcast or YouTube channel you have been dreaming of?

  • Are you a medical professional who needs to clearly say medical terminology when talking to your patients?

  • Are you a professor who desires to be better understood by your students? 

  • Do you want to tell jokes to your family and friends and be the life of the party just as you are in your native language?


Instructor Bio

A personal message from your instructor:  

Hi.  My name is Chari Sutherland.  I have been a speech pathologist for 30 years. 

I earned my Master’s degree in Communications from St. Louis University in 1992.  I have been nationally certified by the American-Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) since 1993. 

My experience spans many settings.  I have worked with hundreds of clients to help them improve their English  pronunciation skills.   

I am a native to the United States.  I teach Standard American English accent.

As your instructor, I am fully invested in your success! 

I will : 

  • patiently help you

  • keep you on track

  • answer all your questions

  • motivate and inspire you

  • give you immediate feedback

  • help you master the rhythm and flow of English

  • help you speak more naturally and confidently


I look forward to working with you!




Whatever your goals are, we will work toward them together.


How the lessons work

All lessons are conducted online via Zoom.  Your course of study is specifically designed for your needs.  A complete assessment is done to assist you in determining the goals for your course of study.  If you have specific words or phrases that you would like to improve, those can be targeted during your lessons.  You will learn the best accent modification techniques for vowels, consonants, rhythm, stress, and intonation for the correct pronunciation of words.


These courses will propel your English skills no matter what level you are currently at: beginner, intermediate, or advanced. 


Immediate feedback and tracked improvement: With the training program I use, you will be able to audio record some of your homework.  I will listen and evaluate your pronunciations.  During your next lesson, you will review the homework and perfect your productions. 


I will receive an email each time you record a response in your assignments, so you will be receiving steady feedback; not just during your lessons.  This will cement your learning and push you forward.

The Courses

All lessons are 50 minutes in length and are conducted online, via Zoom.

Comprehensive Assessment:  A comprehensive assessment of your skills and needs will be conducted before beginning any course.  This assessment is required for me to determine how to design your lessons.  You will receive a report detailing your skills and suggestions for your course of study.  The cost of this assessment is included in the course fees. There is no additional payment for this; it is already included in the course fees 


The Training Program

Also reflected in the fees, is your access to the online training program, Accent Freedom.  This is an independent program that we, both student and instructor, will have access to.  I use it to prepare your live instruction and give you assignments to practice; assignments that I am able to monitor, as you are able to send me recordings of some of your pronunciation practice.  So, you are getting feedback even outside of our set lesson time.  There is no additional payment for this; it is already included in the course fees


Payments: The full course fee must be paid prior to beginning the assessment or any instruction.  (Returning students often will not require a comprehensive assessment; but this is determined per student, depending upon needs.)


All courses include an extra session to complete the Comprehensive Assessment; access to a live, pronunciation expert; individualized feedback; ability to record & playback some targeted practice; weekly practice materials.

*Please contact us for current pricing/rates for courses.

Jump Start -- This is a 4-week course of four 50-minute lessons. 

Propel -- This is a 6-week course of six 50-minute lessons. 

Catapult -- This is a 10-week course of ten 50-minute lessons. 

Soar -- This is a 14-week course of fourteen 50-minute lessons.

End of Course Assessment: included in course cost; you will receive a written summary of progress if course is completed.  


*The total course fee must be paid prior to beginning instruction or the assessment.

All payments are accepted via PayPal or Stripe.


“Communication is one of the most important skills required for a successful life.”

--Catherine Pulsifer

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